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Cinnamon Theory

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In a world teeming with distractions
of status updates and mislead google queries
I’ve attempted to put such things aside
and pursue a Cinnamon Theory.

To seek clarity of thought
and for my spirit to be renewed
To reaffirm what I believe
and invest in what I truly value.

It’s found out on the trail
in the crisp morning air at sunrise
In the company of close friends
and board games, victory and demise.

It can be heard in the strums of a guitar in worship
Tasted in a meal cooked for those who lack with love
Felt in the embrace of an old dear friend
and revelations experienced from Him above.

It’s the endorphins that are set free
when the peak is at last climbed.
The relaxation after a productive day
with feet on the lounge, reclined.

It can be drowned out by the white noise
of media and its combustible patter.
By the dialogue that pleads ignorance
to the things that truly matter.

It’s the vernacular of a conversation
full of authenticity and candor.
The echoes of ardent laughter
and fond memories decantered.

Divine faith, hope and love
the constants joy, compassion, fervor, creativity,
brought together by relational connections;
this is it, this is my Cinnamon Theory.

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