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down streets full of sandals a lowly cower is heard by a mule without rank long separated from the herd

atop its broad back a young fiancée awaits for the birth of her baby to open heaven’s gates

a man stands besides her placing his hand on hers desperate to find clarity amidst the census blur

they seek place of refuge to rest their heavy load but there are no vacant rooms along Bethlehem’s roads

finding shelter in stable bovine gather round to witness the birth of child his impact: profound

a cry in the night and the Saviour is born cradled tightly by mother until that first Christmas dawn

in fields oft in darkness bright lights appear angels tell stunned shepherds that Jesus is here

and from the far east Magi find their way navigating by starlight to where the child lay

as these men came to worship to praise and adore Mary receives them astounded what is all this for?

Immanuel : God with us and with us He stays. wishing you a blessed Christmas as you celebrate today