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f-bomb shelter

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obscenities pollute the air pellets pass lips, curl tongue shelter sought in barricades lingual battles lost and won aural and verbal disconnect or am I too docile to withhold? permutations and permeations as abrasions abound, retold with feeble attempts let silence speak resist: close mouth, hold tongue seek profound over... read more about f-bomb shelter.

shot glass

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glass dwellings steal breath pinching at chest thoughts as lightning bolts are scattered panes unhinged structure impinged regulation shards as shattered logic deducts as wire conducts exams of glazier as prying eyes obvious or disguised look on as if in leisure read more about shot glass.


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cows graze in patchwork paddocks sifted with morning haze silver sheds stand solidly withstanding stormy glaze arching crests form scapes of land in flood top soil adrift arriving in cola stream gushing, rushing, swift sunrise sees flashing light the bovine march begins assembling lines as lactose forms amidst shuffling shins read more about cream.

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