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round-a-bout right

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For Beth and Sue

we had gone the wrong way went down, not up I had led us astray

we stood dizzied by the roundabout and our paths, surveyed

we could hail a cab? but neither of us had our wallet in tow

a trek back up the hill perhaps? alas that would be too slow

I had a function to attend you see. It's start time, fast approaching

how were we to return to the car, with such impediments encroaching

'what we need' I said in jest was someone to drive past who we knew

It was Crafers, not some foreign city, perhaps someone is passing through

My Aunty lives near by I told my friend I could give her a call?

she would definitely help us, if she could assist us at all

eyes scanning the environs I noticed netball playing nearby

in the attached carpark a familiar face caught my eye

trundling over tarmac training pack on back we greet Sue surprised

sheepishly we explain our squeeze and ask if we could get a ride

so with some creative repacking and baby soothing on the way

we arrive safely at our car amused and live to hike another day

a moral lesson you may ask, well there could be one or two

check your map as you walk to be sure of your direction

and if you've taken the wrong turn always look out for Aunty Sue



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