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At Christmas 2.0

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As the sun rises on this Christmas Day and beckons us from slumber. May we gather round the manger and find God amongst the lumber.

Set aside uncertainty and fear, leave anxiety at the stable door. Instead enter in and behold the babe, worship lowly and adore.

The Prince of peace, the King of Kings sent in to the world to save us. Light of the world, Immanuel Redeemer, Rock of Ages.

This baby who in manger lay would one day grow to be a man. Full of compassion, envoy of truth with light no darkness could withstand.

Born to bind the broken-hearted and set the captives free. To bring hope to a fallen world and comfort those beset by grief.

Jesus the redeeming Lord, born to die that we might live. Through the saving power of the cross God in his amazing grace forgives.

May God’s Peace be as present as time itself with a New year, renewed hope and mirth and May God’s abounding love fill your heart at the celebration of Jesus’ birth.