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the meeting ate into our leave like some rogue caterpillar nibbling at the edges of the sun ripened green the email client pings like moths drawn to the light distracting our attention with fluttering worded wings teams notifications buzzin' like a self important blowfly Microsoft's version of connection a far... read more about rogue.

obsessions, progressions

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obsessions, progressions regressions, confessions low stakes, high hopes grief, belief relief, mischief low stakes, high hopes fear, revere adhere, persevere low stakes, high hopes interlude, gratitude platitude, fortitude low stakes, high hopes low stakes, high hopes low stakes, high hopes low stakes, high hopes read more about obsessions, progressions.


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to hold your shattered heart and cradle it with care surround it with warm comfort tending to each painful tear to embrace your tender person and negate your loss draw out the hurt and bitterness replenish what grief has cost to tell of your true value and undeceive you from... read more about to:.